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So we're still ticked off.....and it turns out that France and Germany were actually right? There WERE no "WMD" Dummy...they were right - we were that?

-Frog forgets France is always wrong, no matter what.

The site is imaginative and darn funny. However, the spelling and grammatical errors detract from the overall humorous impact.

-A Anil Forgg

Q: Why do the French have so many tree-lined avenues?
A: So the Germans can march in the shade.
Sorry if you've already heard it, but it fits in rather nicely with the theme.
Kudos, BTW!

-Plus one funny point for Frog!

Holy Crap, man...this is hilarious! Well done, laddy!

-Irish Froggish?

you just reinforce WHY Europeans refer to us as "stupid, ugly, fat, lazy Americans" get a grip and stop listening to OUR government, they are the REAL bad guys, just ASK the rest of the world.

-Frog listens to too much NPR

Hi. I live in France now, but I'm not French.
Most of the time I really despise France-bashers because they usually have very little useful to say, and so although neither did you - it was funny. I mean, I read the whole thing and it made me smile throughout.
Nice writing, but life here is better that the States. Take it or leave it.

-Leave it Froggy

Hoorah, you forgot they also lost the last 5 years in thier fav sporting event, to an American, Lance Armstrong in the Tour DE FRANCE...

-Ball Cancer Frog

It's about time someone put those cheese eating surrender monkeys where they belong!

-We all do our part Frog

Sacre bleu !I don't know what the "real" intent is behind this site but I suspect someones'got their tongue firmly implanted in their cheek.(I'm hoping!)

-Tongue in Frog

Why would someone leave the states to live in France where it is filled with a bunch of cowards and ...French people LOL

-Jog Frog, Jog

great idea and once you have established the united states of europe maybe you can convince our government to deport the bulk of the quebec poulation there

-Allergic to Frogs Canada?

You have forgotten the one useful contribution to Western culture by the French - oral sex!

-Only problem was that it was homo-Froggie

I agree completely. To be french (they only deserve lower case) is an abomination on the civilized world.

-The abominable Frog-Man

Poor little deluded Americans woefully overestimating their own country's importance despite being late for all the good wars, but let's face it: the French really do have it coming. It's been more'n a hundred *years* since they had their last *really* good stomping (see: The Franco-Prussian War in French military timeline), and we can all see that they're just *itching* for a little unrest so they can have another revolution or two...


I saw a rifle for sale on Ebay the other day. It read like this:
French Rifle for sale. never shot, dropped twice.

-Frog Funny

does it mean the US are just brave enough to attack losers?

-You are a loser Frog

If this is a serious site then I cannot live anymore. To now know that there are people that think the way you do makes my brain explode. France doesn't owe you anything. If anything, the whole world should take over the U.S.A. I've noticed that it is the most imperialist, fascist, stuck up country of them all. It's even worse than Iraq. It HAS weapons of mass distruction. Although you wouldn't understand from my point, looking in and I'm sorry if I don't understand your point of view. Is this site affiliated with the KKK or any other extremeist groups?

-The Grand Tadpole of the FrogFrogFrog

I'm with you on this invasion. I have ALWAYS hatted France. I am still not quite sure why. The highlight of their country's history was Napoleon, and he failed. So send Le Frenchies to Le Mothers to cry

-LeFrog is LeRight

Take it easy on France. The USA is the best country in the world, but France isn't really important, so don't worry about taking it over. All of the people that think the US sucks in your "fan mail" section have probably been taught this by the drugged-up liberal bastards that overwhelm the teaching staffs in all American schools. THEY ARE WRONG. No country has ever served more humanitarian causes and given as much help to people in need around the world. 70% of the food eaten outside of the United States is a product of the United States. Starving North Koreans and Iraqis (they are only starving because of liberals thinking that dictatorships that oppress or kill most of their citizens are great, worthy countries) do not agree with liberals. That should say something to your dissenting “fan mail”. While I don’t think we should invade France, even though their government needs some tuning up, I do agree with you in the fact that the USA is the best country that has EVER existed. By the way, I’ve vacationed in France twice, and have driven through it several times and it is a nice little country.

-Don't go back Frog

I'm with you on this invasion. I have ALWAYS hatted France. I am still not quite sure why. The highlight of their country's history was Napoleon, and he failed. So send Le Frenchies to Le Mothers to cry

-LeFrog is LeRight

hey, you justify an invasion of france mainly because of its objection to the iraq war and present conservative arguments. well, as an american progressive, i hate france, too (they recently approved measures to outlaw freedom of religious expression in schools). i think you should present our point of view of why the french suck major ass fat, too. thanks and keep up the 'le magnificent' work, mon amie. oui oui


hey ass wipe, u kno why this will never happen?? well .. fist off, america lost most of its wars or tied them,(unless they ran in last minute wen everyone else was exhasted after years of warfare (example ww1, ww2, ect) hten, lets not forget how that that good old american know how was applied in countries they *tried to invade, well, post ww2 germany-split in two, iron curtain, cold war(hey no one else was threatned but the US) hten theres all the other countries since, korea(similar to, 49th parrallel, most heavily minded area in the world, vietnam (haha u guys suck)oh and irak. hahah .. and just by the wya.. notice .. no one (ure evil little terrorists:P)attacks france.. or anyone else save spain for helping u.. in a country with a daily attack index. colour coded for your convinence soudns pretty shity, but knowin that wereever u go on the planet, off ure supposed land of the free, u are hated and spat upon, ridiculed and soon, u shal witness the end of it all


I don't think there's anything worth invading France for. It's a crappy country. Let's just blow it up.

-BoomBoom went the Froggies!

FUCK YOU!!! We french are proud to be lovers, not fighters. We may not have much going for us besides a reputation to be hairy and unclean and a bad snotty accent, and the only thing we may be good at is speaking the french language and regional alcoholic drinks but yno fuck you if... wait... what was my point? uhm... fuck you... and... i surrender!!


I didn't realise you guys were so Hitlerian. Maybe you are also going to pay damage to VietNam for not liberating them. Think that maybe Irak is trying to get rid of you guys because they are afraid of the liberating bill they may receive... like the one you sent to France (your ALLIES!).


BUSCH is a wanker.

-Deep Frog, deep.

as a yank living in France and son of a yank who fought in France, I can only hope that you will find something else to masterbate with because anyone who would spend their time and talent to crezate a site as puerile as this is first and foremost a total wanker. Go back to reading the sports pages.

-Use a frog?

I didn't realise you guys were so Hitlerian. Maybe you are also going to pay damage to VietNam for not liberating them. Think that maybe Irak is trying to get rid of you guys because they are afraid of the liberating bill they may receive... like the one you sent to France (your ALLIES!).


Um, it seems that IgnorantFrog is quite retarded, because last I checked the only war we've ever lost has been the Vietnam War, and the only reason we were in that war in the first place was to bail out - surprise surprise - the French. If you think the U.S. is so awful, how about this: let's see what would happen to the world if we pulled all of our troops out of every country and cut off all foreign aid, economic and otherwise. I'll tell you what would happen - the U.S. would be just fine, but the rest of the world would fall appart and come crawling to the U.S., begging for our help, begging us to restore some semblance of order. Anyone that hate's the U.S. can fuck off - you're just jealous that we live in the closest thing to an ideal society that history has ever seen.

-Utopia Frog

Before invading France, haven't you heard that is has the 4th army in the world ? Furthermore, the famous "Garde Republicaine" will fight with out mercy and defeat US troops. Regarding massive destruction weapons it is true ! There tons of them. Even nuclear weapons. No need of a fake report ! Last point this time, France would use its veto right in the UN council. But do the US give a damn about the UN ? A French exiled !

-Froggy glows in the dark

Hi there ! you are participating to your own decrease... good luck for the furture ! a french man (who think american people are not all lost in stupidity)

-You miss the part about speaking English, Frog?

Glad some others think like I think. Saves a lot of hassel if we just do invade them and get it the hell over with.

-Great minds, Frog alike

During my time spent in the Air Force, we encountered a ton of pretty stupid things the French would do to help out their old buddy, Saddam.
1. Protest at McDonalds in France. Why? I don't know. McDonalds is pretty much an international business now, if it's so bad, then why even work there?
2. When Saddam was sick, and Iraq did not have any truly qualified doctors to treat cancer, guess who flies over to provide some doctors. If you said the Red Cross, your wrong. Not only did France violate UN Sanctions, but they also GAVE their plane to Saddam. Way to go!
3. Unhappy meals, this was really sick. One of the things that French liberals came up with in response to the entire McDonalds protest was unhappy meals for children who are apart of US military families. These meals contained a sandwich, chips, and a bloody GI toy that had a few parts missing here and there. If you want to know more about this source, it happened sometime around 98 or 99 at Langley AFB, VA.
4. Last but not least, let us not forget how France threatened to take back their land where our men who served in WWII are buried. Umm, I hate to break it to them, but we writefully own that land, along with some other countries who fought to save their asses.
Other than that, I was quite surprised to here today that they are actually starting to crack down on terrorism in their own country. I guess that really caught them off guard, having terrorists in a country that praises anti-american favoritism. Heheh.

-Two thumbs up, great post.

I made out with a french girl once. But it was in the basement of the U.S. Capitol. Maybe we could keep their women around? Or maybe, import them instead of the wine?

-Get tested, we hear that Frogginess is contagious.

Just remember, though. What many people consider the hate-worthy French are really just Parisians. Even folks from Lyon and other outlying areas of France would probably be thrilled to help nuke the Eiffel Tower.

-Frogs don't like Frogs?

You all sons of Bitches

-You all Frogs

French fries is a better name than freedom fries. After all, what are french fries, they are yellow on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside and always getting pulled out of the heat by Americans.

-Frog Fries

you're right... Once a colonial power, all of their countries SUCKED.... *Explorers and settlers from France settled in what is now Canada, the Mississippi Valley and along the Gulf coast in what is now Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana founding the cities of Quebec, Montreal, Detroit, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, Mobile, Alabama, Biloxi, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana...France once held vast possessions in North America including the Mississippi and St. Lawrence river valleys. The colony of Louisiana was founded in 1699* ghehehe...

-Froggy missed the point

magnificently hysterical! As an American living in Switzerland (right next door to those wimpy bed-wetting frogs), I appreciate any ammo I can to slap em around. Keep up the good work

-Switzerland will do their part, I'm sure.

hi everybody I'm what u call a froggy, and I'm quite proud of it. Some of the things written down by here are true, most of them are to my mind your fantasms. The violence used in your words is maybe due to the fact that u want to demonstrate something, to the others, and consequently to your self. U wanna show to the whole world through the net that your a man? I'm sure that you doubt about it :oD... and do you seriouesly think that France fear america? Do you seriously think that u have enough troops in Europe to invade us??? Just try it out, and see how we're gonna kick your dirty little sucker's ass out of home.... (I'm talking about all americans). Of course, u have enough power to destroy us (thanks to a german guy...), but not to invade us. that's just the way it is, french guys will always continue making americans girls cumming, will never be america's bitches like the rest of europe, and wil always tell you that your dreams will never come true. Have a nice day, guys ;o)

-Somewhere.... Over the Frog-bow....

What's the shortest difference between two points?

-Save time, just don't fly Air-Ch(fr)ance.

i do not understand why so many of my country fellowmen do not get used to french bashing, at least this one is funny for a change

-'Bout time Froggies get used to it!

This website shares the most truth I have yet to see on the internet. I think that U.S.E has a nice ring to it. I just want to give you super high five for educating everyone about the asshole of the world (France). I love this site and I plan on telling everyone about it. Thanks for the insight!

-It does have a nice ring, you're right!

Huhuhu, so funny.... but not true :D And do not forget : thanks to France, the american revolution for in 1777 led to independance ;)


I weas thinking with a couple of my friends, who all hate france, and we were joking on how to invade France. We figured we couldn't build an airplace to fly over to france to drop cherrybombs on thwem, so we decided to write them a letter; Dear France, the Us was playing Barbies and we found out that we had no one to play Ken. Please let us know if you can help. (yeah righjt.) If we get French to come over to the US we will trow ketchup at them.

-Frogs don't have good ketchup (Catsup) at all.

You are a fucking moron... And you wonder why the world hates America? Yeah, it might be kind of funny, but I'm sure being racist was considered funny 4 decades ago. Instead of being an asshole and supporting a retarded stereotype, go and read some... Shit man, no wonder the world hates us...

-Because we call other people "f'n morons"?

We'd have to set them to doing work!

-Making cheese

your site is freaking hilarious. I just thought I'd let you know that.

-Thanks, Frogs don't think so

Talk about great millitary victories - let's have a look at America's record of late - Vietnam, Afghanastan and Iraq are all going swimmingly aren't they? I hope you cop what you deserve you filthy warmongering Yankee turds. YOU got it comming.

-One bitter little Frog.

Your Web site is /excellent/ I've exiled in Switzerland for years by now but I hope you will accept my surrender though :-D

-Of course, Froggie-light

Does the phrase international responsibility mean anything to the chaps in the USA? I thought not. Just look at your current forign policy and its direct affect on the poliferation of international terrorism. Cause and effect. The Web site is not ammusing, it is the reason why the USA is so unpopular with us in Europe. All the best. Max of London

-This little website made all the world hate us? Frogs are dumb.

i'm a froggy, yes !i am ! and i would like to know why are you so full of hatred?and a suggestion if you 're so powerfull ....why don't you speek french?thank's for your attention.

-French sucks, it's like having your tongue fondled by a bull's anus

I think you are stupid. I'm American and my wife is french. You think france it s a bad country ? So you don't france history ! France have really history not like america which history just came to some years. In france there are castels. Can we see castels in USA ??

-Your country sucks and all you can come up with is Castles?

GO FUCK YOURSELF. We r waiting 4 u mother fucker. On vous attend de pied ferme... Cowboys

-Why do you call any American a "Cowboy"? Frog.

As u can guess, I'm French and i don't mind if you don'like French people. I just wanted to say that it was useless to insult people you'll never meet, its kinda coward... We all made mistakes and by the way beloved American guys where are the massive destruction weapons in Irak ? lol please answer i'll be happy to have a conversation.

-Been there, met you, you're Frogs.

sorry for my poor english , but , try to know better your ennemy before invade him . Pauvre con Cya sire Mc Donald

-You've got more than just your poor English to apologize for Froggy.

But US sucks just as well. If you know a sucking-proof country, I'm interested.

-Nope, it's just a question of who sucks less, and it's not Froggy-world!

...which perfectly illustrates what Einstein was saying about the US, but I doubt people like you know what I talking about. Anyway, thanks God, you're a minority in the US. Undoubtedly, you're the most powerful country in the world, but obviously not the clevest. Your current-and soon former-president is a perfect illustration of this BTW.

-Thank God you can't vote here, Froggy

It's killing, well I'm French, and more precisely breton : as your country we have subdivisions in our country too! First of all as you can see I've something more that you don't have : I've learnt your language, something you didn't and without what you cannot understand our culture as demonstrated in your website. Moreover, have you been in France already to judge this way a country you haven't certainly not visited enough to my side I've been in the US more than once. Also, your left merge, dealing with french history demonstrates that instead of you we have once... apart from the secession war, your country didn't even know the smallest guerrilla or whatever could have looked like a war , on your land! A friend of mine lived in the US for 8 years during her childhood, she told me and shown me how this was true...your history programme ( in speaking about school if you remember what it is...) is always the same from the kinder garden to the A-levels! Not surprising some of your students and citizens are brainwashed in trusting your patriotic policy! You'll also have to remember that France' production is as good as yours and maybe better, without using any GMOs .... Also about your little plan of invading France, remember that our DST and DGSE ( equivalent of bigbrother) is the most powerful equipement as far as spiying is concerned. Moreover (as you tried with your ALENA) we are part of the European community as Spain and Irland and I really don't think they (and the UNO and Nato too ) will let you dissapointing it has been for you to be stopped in your little plans heading to iraqi! remember, M.Moore is there to told you what you've done too ( Bowling for columbine for exemple) and tomorrow have a look in your supermarket and consider all the bottles of our great wine you've imported : you want everything to be yours, but that's our wine our techniques and also, I've seen that recently, you take off your castles to rebuild them in your land : looking for an history! I'd like to add also that I've never ever eaten a frog leg in my whole entire life....but I could say you've been eating burgers since you're born!!! This arguing will certainly never end but I found your site killing and if you think you're as good as you pretend to be...go and see the move-on adds and Mickael moore's moovies! And come over once in France! You'll fall in love. With all my congratulations for such an unfounded killing site, I told you you've been programming all these for nothing : you should have signed up the army and die in iraqi with the "boys" it wouldn't have been a great lose! Tu est bien brave mon con! You'll ask for traduction...or you'll learn as I did if you have neurones left...

-Too much ammo, Froggy

You little bitch you can translate it this way : We, French people, fuck you ev'ry single day that your fuckin' god makes... Let's hope you can read that lil friends... By the way let's hope that your fuckin' war in Iraq -a very beautiful proof of the love and the freedom you have to share with the world...- won't last as long as it did in Vietnam...But anyway the whole world can see all the shit you scatter evrywhere you go... That's all folks...I want you to know that I love you...Your stupidity and your simplistic way to see History are quite fascinating...

-At least you proved the French know how to use the F-Bomb Froggy.

Love the site. Great work.

-Watch out for the Froggies above, they might kill ya for saying so

Good site, very amusing. You should be aware that not all europeans support the insulting and indeed fascist attitudes that are displayed by the left in this continent towards America. Unfortunately the media has propogated and encouraged this behaviour. Some of us recognise the great service the US and coalition are doing in iraq on behalf of the rest of the world. I salute your fallen and your soldiers who are taking the brunt of the terrorism there. Lets hope we collectively prevail before fickle voters on both sides of the pond (spurred on by a media with a different agenda) prevail on politicians to quit. There lies ruin for us all as the terrorists win.

-Froggies = Left

Finally someone with the balls to say it. Thank you very much. Not that we need it, but I do imagine that the U.K. would be more than happy to help us out with this invasion! (Shouldn't take us very long France is the size of Texas!)

-Texas is big, but Texans are a lot tougher than Froggies.

You are really fucking guy to write that stupid site on french country. I don't salute you

-We salute with one finger back.

Why don't you close your mother fucking mouth??? You're only good to complain but in fact you are the worste of all the human race and you know it perfectly. Of course you can be proud of all your wars but please be clever just one time in your life and notice that that's the only thing that you know to do "WARS". So please before to waste your time doing this kind of website try first to fight your donkey president but with this kind of site you must be worst than him. Fuck off sons of biches and go on sending your proud soldiers to be killed in IRAK....... Next time try to think (even if it is hard for you) before acting, i swear you it will be better for the entire world.

-Froggy's Motto: Don't hate anyone, unless it's the U.S.

hell yea! keep up the good work! there are more people with you then you know

-And a whole hellalot o' Frogs.

Yes ! invade Francistan to free them from muslims. And Belgistan 2 please comme and clean up what used to be our countries. Lots of people feel bertrayed by their govermnents. N.B: Many belgians ands frenchies (Jew & Christians) are backing 100 % U.S. policy in fighting islam in irak. Some of them even do speak, read & write English. It would be useful to set up a website so we could unite together against Evil, and prepare the way for U to invade Europe...

-Mind you we have no problem with Islam

I do apologise tro you Americans but there's already a queue in Europe to have a go at the useless little bastards. Seen as we're the best at beating them, Britain should have first dibs on it.Oh and I thought you might like to add that during WW1 the French soldiers would shoot the British advancing before them in order to get their attacks called off. At least the Italians admit they're pussies.

-Italians = Frogs in disguise?

...and you are a zionist cunt!!!!

-Deep Frog, deep.

When I was in jr high school my french instructor (who spent a couple of years there) noted that one in five frenchpersons owns a toothbrush. (how romantic) Is that still true? Also they didn't know what to do with cereal (only babies drink milk there, another commentary on teeth)so he saw them have their cornflakes with such things as applejuice. Cheers.

-Which means that when we invade we don't have to worry about them biting us. Score.

You have to be kidding when you say France is buddy with terrorists? Who sold most of the WMD Irak had? The USA!! Thank you supid WASPs

-Right, because being a WASP has everything to do with it, Frog.

the french were also beaten in canada by the english

-Yet another Froggy defeat.

Yes, but you missed the part out where you nsat on your hands in WWII and couldn't make your minds upmif you were pro or anti nazi. You forget that this is planet Earth not planet America and freedom of speech includes the right NOT to think like Amaricans. Democracy is not let's see who has got the most billions in the race to be president. You dickheads STILL don't know why 9/11 happened do you?

-It was because leftist pussies like you wouldn't pre-emptively attack terrorists, Frog.

The Haitian Rebellion of 1791 was the only successful slave uprising in history. They defeated the French!

-Heh heh heh, nice.

those french a a unch chicken shit cowards,and they support terrorism.we should go to france after iraq

-One step at a time.

I to think the french suck . however go back a little farther in history and you will find that without help from th french we would have never won the american revolutionary war. there were more french troops than american.

-That's not even correct...

During WWII the US did shit. Every time we left the US to keep an area that we had liberated we had to go back and take it again. The US was more trouble than they were worth in that war. They should be paying British and Canadian troops for all of the work we did to cover their asses during that war. But then again, Americans are very liberal with the way that they re-write history and always have been. We should burn down your white house again. Obviously twice wasn't enough...

-Who isn't very good at history?

The Us army in Irak needs your strong arms to replace the 500 poor GIs already killed due to Bush. US succeeded in making every muslim on this planet mad after them. Ask for some tips to the french. And before leaving as in Somalia, wait for the help of our boys in a few months under UN's flag! Remember: Roosevelt was a democrat . With republicans like you at the head of USA in 1940 , the first nation in the world would be the german empire. open a book and learn some french then you speak.

-Why is the Frog response to "your country sucks" always involve Iraq, their friend.

OOOOHH OOHHH Can we invade the U.N. too?? They are lying sacks of good for nothing frogs too!!

-All in good time

Great site, I have a bone to pick with those damn Frenchies too, haha. But we have to respect em for one thing: the practically invented and developed the art of running while waving a white flag at the same time! As for you liberals posting... do you have a clue what you are talking about?? The US won its war for independence, won against Mexico (which was powerful at the time), helped the win in World War I, truly saved World War II (only the Brits were left, and they were screwed, we came in and helped our British buddies out while liberating le Francie and getting rid of hitler). We kicked major ass in the Gulf War, and the War on Terror worked pretty damn well too. Heck, those Iraquis surrendered in numbers that would've made a Frenchman proud. People call us Imperialists, but we don't run governments, we get rid of dictators and then walk out once all's stable. Stop defending rapists, murderers and pussies, ya damn liberals. hehe. God bless the USA and future USE!

-And which side did the Frogs fight on in WWII? Oh yeah...

What about all the billions of dollars we "loaned" france in the 50's (which they never payed back), to get them out of bankruptcy? Or the fact that a huge percentage of South Vietnamese were in fact VC and NVA sympathizers? Btw, Japan didn't seem all that "tired out" during WWII, since they basically whipped the shit out of the chinese. Please get your facts straight before you send ignorant posts.

-Frog Ignorance

I have only one thing to say..."The French can kiss my proud to be an American ass!!" I've never liked them and never will. USE, I like it :-)

-Frogs Kiss Ass

Generally without valor. Have you consider where the U.S. would be without France during our struggle for Independence? In case you may have forgotten we would have been at the mercy of King George and under English domination. What a great exchange.If you should have any other ephanies take a nap before considering putting them into circulation

-Take a nap Froggy

You?ve got me laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. With no disrespect to my southern brothers I think we could rename France ?East Carolina? or maybe ?East Virginia?. I personally prefer ?East Cleveland? but we already have one of those.

-We aren't going to whore-out good American names any more.

You might want to read a real History book before posting something like this. In WW 1 America showed up the year before the war ended. The extra manpower was appreciated even if we had to wear extra protective gear. In WW2 much the same thing happened. The USA stayed out of the war for at least two years mainly because Joe Kennedy had already written England off to the Germans Of course his main experience was running booze during prohibition. England and her current allies of the time would have been left to their own devices by the USA had it not been for the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese who unfortunately had allied themselves with Germany. So this meant that the declaration of war on Japan included their allies. So Dec 1941 you were forced into a war which you had been refusing to become involved in since the beginning. Ever since the end of the war we have been treated to books,movies and personal opinions on how no one showed up but the Americans and you single-handedly won the war.

-Yeah, we did

Typical crap yank stuff, can't catch arab terrorists in your own country, afghanistan or iraq. Have the most morally corrupt policticians in the world, have got us in the uk via tony blair to join your gang of bullies, what ever happened to democracy. French food tastes like food not the burger crap that your pathetic burger king mcdonals and kfc export. America has a lot going for it but it is being masked by the zenophobic, corporate, immoral carp like this site.

-If you don't like fast food, then quit building McDonalds

The US could nbever invade france as it is too difficult for them. For a start they dont know where it is. Over 70% of US land force troops currently engaed in Iraq thought Iraq was inEurpoe and was part of France. Great Education system but dont export it. There is a US president who states that mpost of Americas imports come from Abroard and that most of FRench wine and Champage comes from France. RED HOT. WW2 USA no balls to get in at the start - No disrepect to the thousands who lost their lives in Normady to whom the French Nation will always acknowledge. Does America stop at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th Month - NO Korea No balls to get in at the start Vietnam No balls to get in at the start at too dim to learn from the what had happened result serious loss of life big profits for body bag manufacturers and world wide humiliation. Libya Missed the targets- Durgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh who has the map? Grenada Most succseful military operation to date with Clint Eastwood on fil. Iraq war No1 Killed more Brits that Arabs- Nice going boys. Mogadishu No Arnie- No clint just body bags Afganhestan. 30 Canadians Cannot be wrong but at least the Brits felt they were not being picked on. Bin laden whom is he and hey hpow come we are fighting the blokes we were supporting against the Russians 9/11 great defence system. Over come by some half wit sheep farmer with a knife. The only intelligence the US had on this came from the French and British agencies. We in France feel confident that an American invasion would not be possible as the navigators would not find us. For those who have nothing better to do than build crap website I have a question. Where are you not doing your bit in Iraq? Are you just a sad wanker or do you have a legitimat excuse like a very low IQ or low spem count? There will always be a warm welcome for those who aided us at a time of need and their famillies. The sacrifice of the Americans who died will never be forgotten by the people of France. Sadly in a recent Survey 70% of those in the USA did not know American lives had been lost in Europe during WW1 or WW2. SHAME.

-It's full of lies, too many to make fun of at once.

YES!Invade France.You'll probably get your ass kicked out like you usually do and are getting it in Iraq.

-Right, because we didn't conquer the country in less than 1 week, you're right.

"The girls is all salty
"And the boys are all sweet
"The food ain't too shabby
"An' they piss in the street
"They dot diseases
"Like you never seen
"Got a mystery blow-jod
"Turn your peter green
"An' when you go ka-ka
"They make you satnd up
"if your not careful
"It'll stick to your cheeks
"You'll smell like a native
"For a couple of weeks
"Way on down in France
"Never try to get yo' peter sucked
"In France
-Frank Zappa, "Them Or Us" 1984 Barking Pumpkin Records

-Zappa knows Frogs

Back in the late 1800 France helped us fight the English. If it were not for them this land would be the United States Of England. Just not as pussy.


Well, I am French, and I didn't know extemists american are as crazy as the extremists musulmans ... The difference in the Irak and the 2 WW, it's we have been attacked by a crazy man ! And you, you came and you defended us. But in Irak, it's YOU who invade a land, just for the petrol !!!!! Pfff... Quite americans are so stupid ...

-It's all about the Petrol... that's it.

Ok, but you have to remind this : The USA are free thanks to France... Didn't you learn history ? Just look further before ww2 (and ww1 of course)... Well ?

-Well what? You're still a Frog.

speaking of the french film, only a frog can fuck up full frontal nudity.

-Hairy Pits are yummy... err...

What would happen if America let the rest of the world feed, clothe, house, and provide medical care for itself? Maybe we should let you recover from your own disasters without our help. From now on, you fight your own wars - and make your own white flags!

-Good points

You should also mention that Paris made cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal an honorary citizen of Paris.This despicible act is enough to invade those cheese eating surrender monkeys,and put them down for good!

-Frogs honor cop-killers

Ive been to Parris before, and whats up with the stuck up attitude towards Americans and other European Nations, who saved your ass from World War 2?

-True, true.

Perhaps we could improve the plight of both our nations by simply relocating all idiots, french and US alike to Crawford, Texas.

-Nope, we'll send them to Paris where there are more already.

The only good thing France has ever done was blowing up a Greenpeace ship. Of course they just happend to find the only people more pussy then themselves but still for that instantaneous moment france was cool. Other then that they have generally been busy getting banged by Germans and anyone else who wanted to invade them.

-True, way to go Froggies!

Fucktards. france is far more honorable in battle than the US EVER was. also, during your revolutionary war, they supplied 50% of your weaponry and also were a major world power for several hundred years until a coalition of several other superpowers together took em down. now, has any coalition of nations faced america? no. until then, i see no reason to bash the french.
p.s.: whats this about WW2? You guys got in the war all by yourselves, dont selfishely make ANYONE pay for your own goddamned war!

-Our War? F'tards is a cool word though, way to go Froggy!

I find the context of the above to be extreemly insulting. the British did just fine and you may have helped in both world wars but in no way did you take over and win the bloody lot for us, so please re insert the egos where they belong. We hate the french as much as you and with more reason as we have lived next to them for so long but dont take this n as a crusade as the only country who has been hurt by this. America isnt the only country of importance in the world and as soon as they realise this perhaps they will be more liked.

-Our goal is more than being "liked", it's doing the right thing, Froggy

Despite a long friendship and mutual respect, France is now being treated as an enemy, subjected to harsh criticism and irrational bashing. France has not supported the Bush policy of a "preemptive strike," his term for unprovoked war, against Iraq. Interestingly, those who have instigated and encouraged attacking the French have not themselves offered any support other than verbal. Talk is cheap. None of our political leaders, from Bush to the lowliest member of Congress, have contributed anything to the war except words. There is one exception. One, just one, member of congress has a son involved. None of our politicians have made any sacrifice, though many stand to gain from the war and its aftermath. With all the silliness that has gone on, (freedom fries? freedom toast? Really!) it would be expecting too much to require that the bashers get their facts straight. Actual history does not reflect the simplistic notions of the French-bashers. We did not enter World War I nor World War II to "save the French." When World War I began in Europe in the summer of 1914, the U.S. was entering a serious economic depression. Far from rushing to the aid of France after Germany had invaded that country, the U.S. chose to sit on the sidelines piously calling for peace. Actually, we didn't exactly sit on the sidelines. U.S. financiers and industrialists rushed not to support France but to profit from the war. Loans and sales of materials lined American pockets and stimulated the U.S. economy. By the spring of 1917, more than $2 billion had been pumped into our economy, much of the largess provided by France. While the US. sat on the sidelines reaping huge profits, and refusing to become directly involved, France was bearing the brunt of the war. Much of Northern France was being laid waste and hundreds of thousands of young Frenchmen were being maimed and slaughtered. Nearly three years after the start of the war, the U.S. joined the French effort, supposedly because of the loss of American lives as a consequence of German submarine warfare. In reality, American financiers and industrialists were becoming increasingly alarmed about the impact of German successes on their profits. U-boats threatened to seriously slow down if not close the lucrative war business. Three years after the war's start, when the U.S. actively entered the war, rather than merely profiting from it, rich capitalists and immune politicians still refused to become actively involved beyond providing loans, selling materials, and uttering piously patriotic declarations, making it necessary to draft the sons of working class families to do the fighting. These men fought bravely and well at the sides of, not in place of, the French. By the end of the war, American deaths reached about 125,000, less than half being battle deaths. The French, by that time, had lost about 1,400,000 of their young men. Further, the war had been fought almost entirely on French soil, destroying homes, farms, businesses, and resources. Similarly, in World War II, the U.S. sat by for more than two years, its only involvement being again to profit through loans and sales of war materials, while France and England bore the brunt of the war. Given France's weakened condition following her staggering losses during World War I, it's little wonder that the country succumbed to the Nazi onslaught. Contrary to the allegations of the French-bashers, the cause of French salvation did not bring the U.S. into the war. We were brought into it by the attack on Pearl Harbor and by declarations of war against us by German and Italy. The U.S. had waited for two years before being dragged into a conflict that lasted much longer and cost us much more than had World War I. However, again U.S. financiers and industrialist made obscene profits while the sons and daughters of the working class families enlisted and were drafted to do the actual fighting. And, as in World War I, France knew war directly, having her towns and cities, infrastructure, resources, and people shelled and bombed by both sides. Much of the war took place on French soil. The French in opposing the War on Iraq were not trying to become "Number One." (unlike the U.S.—ed)They were trying to give good advice to a good friend, and attempting to preclude that friend's making a terrible mistake. Like most of the world, the French leaders hoped for greater not less stability in a very unstable and dangerous part of the world. Our leaders have been too blinded by visions of oil profits and the monetary fruits of reconstructing Iraq after the war to see the damage that they are doing. Their own countrymen and the rest of the world will pay for the shortsightedness of those leaders. We should thank the French for trying to save us from ourselves.

-Wow, that's a lot of Frog-sh!t

You can't leave Quebec open or all of the French will just run there.

-Yeah, we'll have to invade Canada also.

As a Brit I've more than enought reasons to hate the frogs but I'm afraid they still beat the shit out of the USA who pussied out of WWII for years.

-Which is why the U.S. was conquered by Germany twice.

The best thing that ever came out of France was the boat to England.

-True. Here's a challenge to visitors: Name some good stuff that came from France.

While the French (and most other continental Europeans these days, for that matter) are always quick to claim that Americans are political extremists. They'll point out the KKK or Montana militia groups, or some other such nonsense as if they were a general trend. However, the Front Nationale, the French Fascist party, regularly gets 10 - 20% of the vote. This means that one in ten Frenchmen is a fascist.

-Frogs are Fascist

The Damn, Dirty frogs arent ungrateful pieces of crap. We saved their asses in WWII...they didnt do crap to repay us...except support terroism...i believe this site speaks the truth.

-We think it does also

fuck you!! i'm french and i'm angry with you have said!!!

-Good, we're angry too

you are just a bunch of ignorant uneducated pricks .

-Everyone involved in this site has at least been to graduate school (Law, medicine, and business)

Brilliant site. Absolutely brilliant. Where do I sign up to participate in the invasion?

-Not sure about sign-ups yet, don't want the Frogs to know our true numbers!

If you don't speak French, then how is the Canada site converted? Anyways, thanks for showing how much France sucks..... Why don't we invade Spain too, just to get rid of the Socialists.

-The Canada site is converted by babelfish, not us, we don't speak Frog or Beaver.

A *BIG* reason why Bush called Iraq a growing threat in need of addressing was that FRANCE (through the UN) managed to loosen restrictions considerably on exports to Iraq, allowing Saddam Hussein to purchase many of the materials needed for bringing their weapons programs back on on-line. So, what would've taken years was going to take months due to FRENCH COLLABORATION FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY AND OIL. *L* Crazy, eh? But true. What hypocrites.

-Dirty Frogs

Regarding "-Somewhere.... Over the Frog-bow...." That guy's letter was, how shall we say, "eegnoraunt?" I suggest people read "The French Betrayal of America", it details the times the French helped us--along with the times they betrayed us. I think the funniest thing is how these French talk about how hateful we are, ignorant, how we're imperialists, we invaded Iraq for oil, blah blah blah. Guess what, froggies? CHIRAC FOUGHT AGAINST US SO SADDAM WOULD GIVE FENCH COMPANIES HUGE OIL CONTRACTS. The marsh arabs of Iraq were exterminated (survivors being forced to move to Iran) because the french gov. said it would be too dangerous for their engineers to work there. Ah yes, the 'moral superiority' of the French shows itself again. *cough cough* I have an idea for Francofashists who like to pin hegemony and corruption on the US: Look at France. (Oh, and the Rwandans can thank the French and the UN for that little massacre down there a few years ago in 1994---pat yourselves on the back for that one, eh?)


Hi guys Keep up the good work. As a Brit I am proud to be one of France's original enemy and also to still be on the right side of things (although with Blair in EU negotitations sometimes it's a close call). Thanks for the laughs. If you're ever in Paris (slim chance I know) head to the statue of Sir Winston Churchill. Whoever sculpted that thing has a great sense of humour. The inscription reads "We will never surrender". They must have run out of room for the "unlike you bastards" part.

-Been there, got the t-shirt, never going back to Frog-ville

Absolutely brilliant! Enjoyed it immensely!

-Thanks Froggette

France is a little bit cleaner thanks to my Grandfather, who left his seed behind while he was dodging German bullets for France.

-heh heh heh :-)

Isn't it sad and pathetic that the only brave man who ever lived in France was Napoleon, and he was Sicilian, not French.

-And he's too short to be of much good anyway

it's amazing that people like you still exist i hope that this page is a jocke. i know that you don't speak french actually america is whith is little yorkshire (england ) the country of uneducated people. that's why all things you say are wrong or stupid. without french you will never exist and it cost more than 288 billion of dollard it cost a lot of men and because of this help the deficit has caused the french revolution whith inflation like you say you will give us all your states all your money you hear all that you have now . moreover don't forget that once more without french you will still have 13 states and that france give you the louisianne oh no not the little state that you now now but a big country half the country you have now . and now if you hate us because we don't care about your "oil war" in iraq see the tv see your soldiers dying for your alcoholic president and see your proudly country lose a war like in vietnam in corea.... besides don't forget that france has The bomb and is not in otan . bye yankees

-Dangit Froggy we aren't all "yankees"

How many frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? I don't know either, because it hasn't been done yet. You've probably heard that one, but it bears repeating. I personally think that France is French for "screw-up," because the only wars they have won was when they had the American's saving their asses. Good work on the site.

-Froggy's give up before starting

The lesson of the day is that frogs are everywhere. Water, land, air, Uranus. There is no escaping the foolishness of the frog.